Mark Anderson has worked with many international, non-profit, art organizations throughout the world. Mark has assisted these organizations as an educator and new media integrator for their organizations. These organizations include: Working Classroom– Albuquerque, New Mexico, Caspian Art Foundation– London, England, Arquetopia– Puebla, New Mexico.

Working Classroom is an art program designed for the underserved high school students in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark has taught several new media digital courses and mentored students from that program since 2003. Mark oversaw a collaboration between students at Working Classroom and graduate students from the Art Institute of Chicago. Together they build Albuquerque’s first video mural wall.
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Member of the international board at the Mexican art residency Aquetopia. Founded in 2009, Arquetopia Foundation is an international award-winning, Mexican official nonprofit foundation promoting Development, social transformation and productivity through artistic, cultural, and educational programs. The core of the Foundation is Sustainable Development through four principles embodied in all of Arquetopia’s programs and activities: social awareness, shared responsibility, innovation, and local networks development.

Instructed a two week workshop in Erbil, Iraq for the Caspian Art Foundation. Caspian Arts Foundation was established in 2011 with the intention to support Education in the Creative Sector in the Middle East region through awarding scholarships to young talents within the region to further their post graduate degrees in the Visual Arts, as well as raising awareness around the need for Universities and Schools within the region to increase the availability their students have to art & humanities as a form of education.
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